Learn to fly

Learning to fly is not as difficult and expensive as than many people think!
Here at Fly Illawarra, we operate light aircraft registered with Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus). No matter what your ultimate goal in aviation is, you can start by earning a Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) with Fly Illawarra.

There are just a few basic requirements you will have to meet to commence pilot training:

– Speak and understand English
– Health status equivalent to that required for a motor vehicle license.
– Be physically able to reach and manipulate the aircraft controls, and old enough to have developed sufficient cognitive skills for the flight instruction to be conducted safely. (You will not be able to fly solo until attaining the age of 15 years, but there is no strict age limit to begin your flight training).

To get your Recreational Pilot Certificate, you will need to complete a minimum 20 hours of training of which at least 5 hours must be solo.

The actual number of hours to complete the course may vary depending on student abilities, age, time available for training and frequency of flights.

If you are interested in a trial lesson or just want to start the exciting journey to becoming a pilot, then please contact us. Details can be found on our Contacts page.